Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Exquisitely Handcrafted to Perfection

Auckland-based Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd is a bespoke jewellery company that clients have come to trust for its unique jewellery designs. Every piece of finely handcrafted custom jewellery by the jeweller is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of its artisans.

Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd (LKC) was founded on the love of fine craftsmanship—its artisans are storytellers speaking through the medium of fine bespoke jewellery.

LKC is dedicated to traditional workmanship and design excellence, creating bespoke jewellery handcrafted to perfection and, importantly, NZ-made. Unsurprisingly, couples choose this jeweller as their engagement ring designer, and doting spouses proudly commission diamond rings for their loved ones.

LKC views jewellery as both a piece of art and an investment, showing in the quality and meticulous detail of their finely crafted jewellery pieces. Each custom piece manufactured to order is a conscious decision that considers the client’s life story and is designed to embrace the moment it is made for.

The jewellery has a story of its own, for every creation by LKC utilises only conflict-free diamonds sourced from reputable suppliers and recycled gold of the jewellery industry or alluvial deposits from the South Islands of NZ. Knowing the extent taken in manufacturing their jewellery invariably creates a profoundly intimate bond between LKC and its customers. Its clientele’s stories and the role that LKC plays in their tales are central to the jeweller’s philosophy.

Even though LKC is based in Auckland, New Zealand, Layla herself has roots in the exotic middle east. The outlook of Layla is evident in all designs at LKC. You can see hints of that rich heritage in all of her designs.

Radwa El Sherbiny, a businesswoman, TV presenter, spokesperson, and social advocate in the Middle East, with international fame, has a set of specially designed and handmade earrings by the Layla Kaisi Collection. Layla Kaisi’s abilities are now highlighted on the Television star’s Instagram generating tremendous online interaction and establishing LKC’s international reputation.

For More Information, visit https://laylakaisicollection.co.nz/

The NZ-based company is pushing exquisite jewellery designs to new heights; as Layla Kaisi remarked, “we are here to show you things you never imagined were possible. We produce creations you will not find anywhere else, employing the finest diamonds and valuable stones.” It is hard to ignore the impact LKC has had, and it will only continue to push the creative boundaries in the jewellery industry. Its growth and international debut are a testament to the legacy and reputation the company had built over the five years since the inception of the jewellery brand, growing during a time when other businesses were facing downturns. It has not only survived but also expanded its market.

As a designer, Layla Kaisi’s enthusiasm for distinctive design and her Middle Eastern network drive her company’s success. She sees fine jewellery as a means for narrative rather than merely a commodity.

A bespoke piece of jewellery from LKC is, in essence, having one’s life story infused into exquisitely crafted jewellery—it’s not only about the design but the narrative behind it. Layla develops one-of-a-kind items that are focused on personalising and telling specific tales and defying typical designs of the fine jewellery industry via playful creativity. Their designs represent special moments of the wearer’s life that can be worn for posterity.

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