Fabergé’s timeless jewellery puts colour, carat and craftsmanship centre stage

The enduring success of iconic jewellery brand Fabergé can largely be attributed to the way it fuses meticulous craftsmanship and a rich heritage with innovative techniques and contemporary twists. A bold use of colour has long been a cornerstone of its identity, and a rainbow of precious gemstones form the basis for its collections, which feature an array of striking designs.

Making colour the star, Fabergé conjures up beautifully crafted pieces that show a carefully considered attention to detail, offset with modern design accents in a glorious celebration of self-expression.

‘Pre-1917, Fabergé’s designers and workmasters had an unrivalled attention to detail and incredible technical skills,’ says Liisa Tallgren, head of design at Fabergé. ‘The pieces were tastefully rich and the ultimate products of luxury. It is this spirit that we continue today, with our contemporary creations.’

Jewellery designs juxtapose traditional precious and semi-precious stones with modern ribbons of vitreous enamel and lacquer. The Colours of Love collection fuses extraordinary coloured gemstones with artistic ingenuity, while the Dalliance watch collection embodies a bold technicality.

Fabergé’s rich history is nodded to in intricately-drawn egg pendants, and reflected in elegant bangles that also incorporate traditional techniques such as guilloché enamelling and hand-engraving.

‘Colour is such an important part of design, and the reason why gemstones are so valuable,’ says Tallgren. ‘It is not as obvious today when we are so spoiled with synthetic materials, pigments and dyes, each brighter than the other, but imagine finding an emerald at a time when we didn’t have all that? Even today, the beauty of gemstones is difficult to match with synthetic materials.’

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