Fashion and jewellery designer Anjali Phougat speaks about Ellie Kemper wearing her design

Its always a blessed feeling when you see your others carrying your creations. Fashion and jewellery designer Anjali Phougat is no different. When she saw Hollywood star Ellie Kemper wearing one of her jewellery pieces, on the ‘Great American Baking Show’ press day, the feeling was of pure happiness, says Anjali Phougat. Fame is not unknown to the designer, who, over the years, has made quite a name for herself. An Ohio-based fashion designer, film fashion wardrobe stylist, entrepreneur, Anjali is also the founder of a luxury fashion brand called Designer Dream Collection clothing and jewelry brand.

“It feels great to see Indian designs getting loved by Hollywood celebrities and I felt happy she looked beautiful. Ellie who is an actress and comedian, wore the designer dream collection which were the Diamante Stud earrings made with platinum finish. Even Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu chose to wear the same studs in the daily show by Trivia Noah where she was seen teaching Bollywood moves to famous host Trevor Noah,” she says, with a sense of achievement filled in her eyes. She is definitely on cloud nine and has every reason to be there as her works speak volumes.

She adds, “I love creating elegant and timeless pieces of jewelry and while designing I keep in mind my jewels are not just beautiful, they are comfortable and light weight as well. Like I always say, elegance never goes out of fashion and celebrities wearing my designs over and over for prestigious events because they are timeless and classy designs.”

Talking about how this piece was chosen, she says, “They get several choices to wear in one event and the stylist chooses what works best with the looks and looks elegant for the occasion so I assume the design suited the look very well.”

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