Gübelin Jewellery’s Jewel is Inspired by the Indian Ocean

The spectacular inner world of an impressive sapphire of over 10 ct inspired Gübelin Jewellery designers to create the Blue Lagoon cocktail ring. The fascinating colours, shapes and structures within the gemstone reminded them of a tropical lagoon off the coast of Burma now known as Myanmar. Inspired by the inner beauty of the sapphire, the cocktail ring mirrors the tropical island paradise in aquatic colours.

The fascinating inner world of the Burmese sapphire (10.65 ct; 91.3 Gübelin Points) inspired Gübelin Jewellery designers to create the Blue Lagoon cocktail ring. Through the microscope, they immersed themselves in the gemstone, discovering spectacular shapes and colours which reminded them of the Mergui Archipelago off the coast of Burma (Myanmar). This Burmese island paradise is known as one of the most sublime and untouched natural wonders in the world.

Blue Lagoon

Gübelin Jewellery presents its newest Haute Joaillerie creation. A stunning sapphire glistens as the centrepiece of the sculptural ring, surrounded by a sweeping coterie of sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds in a sophisticated mixture of cuts.

In homage to the aquatic colours of the Indian Ocean and the tropical vegetation bordering the brilliant white sands, the designers chose sapphires in graduated shades of blue, tourmalines in a captivating range of colours from green to blue, as well as glittering diamonds.

The masterly composition along with their meticulous choice of gemstones demonstrates Gübelin Jewellery’s artisanship, expertise and the joy they bring to coloured gems. Burmese sapphires are highly treasured, rare, and known for their deep, rich shades of blue. And although they are already of limited availability by their very nature, Gübelin Jewellery currently only selects gemstones from Myanmar that were exported before February 2021. One outstanding detail is the organically curving ring band, reminiscent of the gentle swelling of ocean waves. Gübelin Jewellery invested much love of detail, artistic feeling and professional expertise into arranging the sapphires and tourmalines to create a harmonic, flowing colour gradient from blue to green. The sapphire and tourmaline baguettes, especially cut for this ring, bear witness to the highest jeweller’s art and sense of colours.

The cocktail ring is characterised by its sculptural design and its fluid language of form. The curving elements lend Blue Lagoon dynamics, drama and liveliness. Artfully set with pear-shape and round sapphires as well as round, marquise and pear-shape diamonds, they flow around the central stone, generating an almost magical eddy, drawing connoisseurs into its depths.

Every level of this sculpturally crafted ring is gently curved and draws on its source of inspiration. Carefully matched gemstones, graduated by size, are so skilfully arranged and aligned that they elegantly underscore the sinuous and flowing design. The love of detail can be seen starting with the first level, where the edges are set with diamonds in a fine pave thread. Experienced artisans spent over 300 hours creating the unique jewellery piece in the company’s own atelier in Lucerne.

Gübelin Jewellery selected a prominent location for the iconic ruby. The design signature seems to float along the side of the ring, securely held in place by an elegant bezel setting. The two cabochon-cut rubies come from Greenland and add glittering red highlights. The sophisticated design and the fascinating gems adorning the piece present a permanent invitation to discover new facets of the cocktail ring over and over again.

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