How to choose the best side bags for women?

From satchels and work briefcases to sling bags and everyday practical pieces, the options of side bags for women are aplenty. But, how does one decide which ones to buy and for what type of occasions?

If you resonate with this dilemma, scroll through our quick guide below to take note of a few things to consider when shopping for side bags online.

One of the most essential aspects to adhere to is the purpose of the bag. If you’re looking for an opulent and dressy piece for your hangouts, a design like the Mango Croc-Textured Side Bag (Buy it for Rs 3,113 on Myntra) should be your go to. On the contrary, if you’re scouting for a bag to carry to your work, a bag like the DKNY Structured Satchel Bag (Buy it for Rs 22,125 on Myntra) would be rather ideal. The purpose or the occasion also determines the size of the bag you should choose. For carrying many essentials, opt for a side bag that has a larger space and additional pockets. However, when stepping out with just basic essentials like a phone, earphones, money and a touch-up kit, a small-sized bag is enough.

Apart from the style and make of the bag, its comfort, quality and durability should also be a priority. Especially, if you’re splurging on a luxury, designer bag. There’s no point in investing in a bag that doesn’t last long or feels uncomfortable to carry around.

When building a minimal or capsule collection of bags, opt for designs in basic silhouettes and hues such as black, brown and beige as they can be styled in multiple ways and with most outfits. For instance, the H&M Black Side Bag (Buy it for Rs 2,199 on Myntra) can be styled with formal wear as flawlessly as it can be pulled off with casual looks.

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