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How to Choose Your Wedding Dress If You’re an Indecisive Bride

While wedding planning comes with a vast (and diverse) checklist of items to accomplish, selecting a gown is, arguably, one of the most important to-dos. And with so much attention and focus on the frock, it makes sense that indecisive brides may have an extremely difficult time finding their dream wedding dresses. If you’re unsure how to narrow down your choices—or you’re starting to second guess the ensemble you already committed to—Tina Wong, the founder and CEO of Grace + Ivory, says you’re not alone.

A major catalyst for the indecision stems from the fact that many brides grew up with a vision of what wedding dress shopping “should” look like. “Media and shows like Say Yes to the Dress have made many brides feel like if they aren’t moved to tears, it’s not the dress,” says Madison Blackburn, the owner of Bridals by Madison. “In reality, not all brides are criers!”

Considering how big of an investment a wedding dress is (and that most of them are final sale), the pressure is definitely on as brides head to the boutiques. “You start off knowing that—if all goes as intended—you’ll only ever be able to wear one dress, one time, for one night,” Blackburn says. Talk about stressful! The good news, though, is that choosing your wedding gown doesn’t have to be such an anxiety-filled ordeal.

Whether you’re having a hard time narrowing down your choices or can’t seem to commit to a gown, you’ve come to the right place. Below, experts weigh in on everything indecisive brides need to know about finding—and sticking by—their chosen dress for the big day and beyond.

“It isn’t a huge surprise that many brides feel [indecisive] when you think about the fact that the dress is a big emotional purchase, there can be many opinions involved, and it will be in most of your wedding photos,” she explains. “Your dress really is front and center for your big day, and so the struggle to commit to a dress (usually nine to 12+ months in advance!) can be hard for some brides.”

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