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A bride got the ultimate revenge on her in-laws after they showed up to her wedding in identical white dresses. The woman explained how her mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law consider her to be the “devil incarnate” because she does not share their religion and is not a typical girly girl.

But she was hoping they’d be able to put their differences aside for her wedding day. Taking to Reddit, she said: “My mother-in-law hated me from the moment we met – think evangelical Catholic meets goth atheist. I moved in with her son and had a baby without getting married and she truly believed I was the devil incarnate sent to draw her baby boy into the depths of hell.

“I never cared about getting married. I felt weddings were a waste of money. I’d rather have a boat or a new motorbike, but it was important to my husband, so I agreed, on the condition that it was not a church wedding.”

The woman went on to explain how her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law wanted to be a part of every aspect of the wedding planning – and wouldn’t stop bugging her until she agreed to take them dress shopping with her.

She added: “I hated the idea of a wedding dress. I hate pale colours. I hate dressing up. I hate dresses, but I’d promised my own mum and brother that we could do this together.

“So, my mum, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, brother and his wife all traipsed along with me to marvel at the sight of me in a dress.

“The in-laws behaved and I found a dress that I didn’t hate as much as the others. I paid for it and we left.”

But the woman got a shock the next morning when the bridal shop phoned her up, making her realise just how far her in-laws would go to show her up on her big day.

“I got a call from the shop – my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law had ordered themselves the exact same dress as me,” she said.

She relayed everything she’d been told to her husband-to-be – but he didn’t believe his mum and sister would do such a thing.

But not wanting to take any chances, the woman went back in to the shop and ordered a completely different gown.

She also came up with a plan to make sure her in-laws did not steal spotlight on her wedding day.

“I told my husband and he didn’t really believe it. I laughed about it for a bit, went back to the shop and ordered a new dress,” she added.

“This one was dark purple with black trim.

“Then I had the idea – I don’t have a lot of female friends but all my male friends have wives who had wedding dresses.

“Sometimes they say they feel sad that they spent all that money on a dress that they’ll never wear again.

“I talked to my husband and he agreed, so the invitations went out and every person who had ever worn a wedding dress was invited to wear it to our wedding.

“My mother-in-law and the sisters-in-law got different invitations that specifically asked that they not wear white. Dress code was stated as ‘whatever you’re comfortable in’.”

When it came to the big day, her in-laws entered the ceremony room in their matching white dresses – but much to their dismay they were “completely absorbed by the rest of the crowd”.

She said: “All four of them turned up in their beautiful white dresses with their beautiful make up and hair – they didn’t stand out.

“They looked exactly like everyone else, except for my mum and brother’s wife, who wore purple like me.

“They weren’t going to ruin my day by upstaging me. My husband, who up to that point really didn’t think they would do something so vile, turned to stone that day.

“They had finally shown the depths that they would sink to and the last of the fog was swept away.”

Her mother-in-law tried to pull her aside for a chat shortly after the ceremony – but her husband quickly shut her down.

“I came face to face with my mother-in-law at the door,” she added. “She was incandescent with rage.

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