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The wedding dress trends you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2023

With Christmas just a few days away, the sound of wedding bells will be ringing in the ears of many couples – whether a festive engagement feels imminent or a 2023 wedding date is fast-approaching.

But for many brides-to-be there’s one thing on the shopping list that needs to be ticked off before you can truly envisage the day going ahead; the much-anticipated wedding dress.

Whether you’re going for a super chic minimal look or all-out princess bride, the choice of your wedding dress is an important one – and one that you’ll no doubt be reminded of daily via pictures adorning the walls of your home, your phone’s camera roll and likely a large portion of your Instagram feed. After all, what’s the point in forking out so much for an incredible photographer if you don’t rinse the pictures for every birthday/anniversary/random Tuesday thereafter…?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of options and don’t know where to begin fear not, because we’ve caught up with London-based designers and best friends Jess Kaye and Rosie Williams, who founded fashion-favourite contemporary bridal brand The OWN Studio, to talk all things 2023 brides.

“Since covid there has been an explosion of joy with bigger parties the norm again. We’ve definitely seen this translate into fashion with demand for bolder silhouettes as well as fabrics that come to life on the dancefloor like sequins, satin and feathers.”

“Evening and second day outfits are continuing to grow in popularity, with brides looking to build a considered wedding wardrobe for their weekend of celebrations. However, brides really want their outfits to be as sustainable as possible, opting for versatile separates that can be worn again and pieces that can be easily tailored or dyed after the wedding.”

“We’re also seeing brides becoming more adventurous and mixing fabrics and textures as originality continues to be of huge importance. More traditional bridal fabrics such as organza, mikado and chiffon are being reworked into contemporary styles and cuts and layered together to create a uniquely modern look.”


“2023 is set to be the year of deconstructed dressing with a huge uplift in requests for cool separates. Brides love how separates allow them to change up their look from day to night with minimal effort, not to mention the added eco-benefit of being able to rewear them long after the wedding day.”


“Oversized styles and volume is back but the traditional bridal silhouette has been redefined for 2023. Voluminous skirts are contrasted with modern details such as scoop necklines and drop waistlines, giving these outfits a cool, nonchalant attitude.”


“Sumptuous and sophisticated; confident dressing for the modern woman is a strong trend for 2023. Brides are looking for pieces which celebrate the female form with increasing demand for structured and fitted styles.”


“From maxi, midaxi and midi to the mini and micro mini – hemlines are continuing to shape shift into 2023, with fashion-forward brides increasingly drawn to wearable lengths and away from the traditional floor length gown. Requests for ankle length pieces are up 120%.”

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