What Kitten You Ought to Get Based on Your Character

What Kitten You Ought to Get Based on Your Character

Cats are comparatively low-maintenance pets that may make themselves at dwelling in all types of households. Taking care of a kitten requires extra effort, nevertheless, and the perfect kitten for you’ll rely on elements together with your persona.

Teresa Keiger, artistic director of the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation, instructed Newsweek: “One’s persona typically influences one’s life-style,” so each may also help decide which kitten is greatest for you. Even inside a cat breed, she identified, there could be persona variation between particular person kittens.

“They could all nonetheless have the fundamental attributes of the breed, however to a better or lesser diploma. So pet consumers ought to preserve that in thoughts when selecting particular kittens,” Keiger stated.

Right here, animal consultants share all the pieces it is advisable learn about getting a kitten.

A woman playing with a tiny kitten.
A lady taking part in with a tiny kitten. Kittens require extra consideration and coaching than grownup cats to assist them get acquainted with new experiences.
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What To Suppose About Earlier than Getting a Kitten


Dr. Bruce Kornreich, director of the Cornell Feline Well being Heart at Cornell College, instructed Newsweek that getting a kitten is a severe accountability that may possible final about 15 years, typically longer.

Caring for a cat takes time, effort and monetary assets, he stated.

Kittens want frequent feeding and supervision, plus extra time for litter field coaching and socialization. Seven to 9 weeks is the perfect age for a kitten to maneuver into a brand new dwelling, in response to the American Veterinary Medical Affiliation.

Way of life

Zazie Todd, creator of Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Blissful, instructed Newsweek that you will must “take into consideration your life-style now and 15 to twenty years into the longer term,” whether or not you may be completely satisfied cleansing your cat’s litter field, taking part in with them and caring for them each day.

Though cats are extra impartial than canines, “they nonetheless want companionship and love,” stated Vicki Jo Harrison, president of the Worldwide Cat Affiliation. In case you’re a busy household who are sometimes not at dwelling, a cat won’t be the fitting match for you, she instructed Newsweek.

Well being Care and Different Prices

Cats want common vaccinations and routine veterinary visits, Kornreich stated. These visits could be yearly for grownup cats as much as 10 years of age and twice yearly for older cats.

Cats typically develop illnesses (resembling kidney illness, diabetes and hyperthyroidism) that will require extra intensive veterinary care as they become older, he stated.

Security Precautions

Cats can carry dangerous germs that may trigger a spread of diseases, in response to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention. So, it is vital to clean your fingers completely after dealing with cats or cleansing up after them.

Kornreich stated: “There could also be conditions during which session with a doctor could also be warranted previous to adopting a kitten.”

People who find themselves immunosuppressed or pregnant might profit from discussions with a well being care skilled, as they could be extra liable to “sure zoonotic illnesses that cats can transmit,” he stated. These embrace toxoplasmosis (an an infection attributable to the Toxoplasma parasite) and bartonellosis (cat scratch fever, a illness attributable to the Bartonella henselae micro organism).

“This isn’t to say that these people can’t undertake kittens, however session with well being care professionals previous to adopting a kitten could be useful in these instances,” Kornreich stated.

The CDC suggested: “Don’t get a brand new cat if you are pregnant,” due to the danger of getting toxoplasmosis that may be handed onto your unborn youngster.

A kitten being examined by veterinarian.
A kitten being examined by a vet. Common medical checks are required for cats to reside lengthy and wholesome lives.
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What Do I Want for a New Kitten?

Kitten-Proof Your Dwelling

Kittens are “fearless and curious as they find out about their rising talents,” cat habits knowledgeable Pam Johnson-Bennett instructed Newsweek.

Be ready to do plenty of “kitten-proofing” to guard your kitten from potential risks, resembling chewing on electrical cords, falling into bogs or escaping by way of an open window.

Todd suggested confining your kitten to 1 room at first, earlier than permitting them to discover the remainder of the house.

A cat on the edge of window.
A cat standing on the fringe of an open window. It is essential to safe all home windows with a display screen to forestall your kitten from escaping.
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Specifically Formulated Kitten Meals

Harrison stated kittens start to eat meals at round 4 to 6 weeks of age and must eat specifically formulated kitten meals till they attain one yr of age.

She additionally defined that it is essential to feed your kitten the correct quantity for his or her age and weight, including that they like snacking and might eat three to 4 meals a day.

A kitten eating from a bowl.
A kitten consuming from a bowl. Kittens need to devour specifically formulated meals to fulfill their dietary wants.
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Mattress, Toys and Equipment

Kittens sleep many of the day (round 18 to 22 hours day by day), so a comfy mattress is crucial, Harrison stated. “Encourage your kitten to sleep in the identical spot each evening,” she stated.

However be ready for loads of exercise later, as “they are going to be very energetic” as soon as they’re awake, she warned.

Offering a wide range of toys can also be essential to assist your kitten get acquainted with totally different objects and interactions.

The American Veterinary Medical Affiliation warns {that a} string will not be a superb toy for cats, nevertheless. If a cat eats a string or a ribbon, “it will possibly develop life-threatening intestinal issues.”

Different must-haves embrace climbing towers and scratching posts, which “present nice train whereas additionally appearing as a deterrent from scratching furnishings.”

A ginger cat sleeping.
A cat sleeping on a mat. Kittens sleep 18 to 22 hours a day.
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How To Decide a Kitten Based mostly on Your Character

Todd stated it is best to select a kitten raised in a house, the place they had been capable of expertise regular family sounds, meet individuals and so forth. “Kittens have a delicate interval for socialization from two till seven weeks and a variety of optimistic experiences on this time will assist set them as much as be pleasant and assured,” she stated.


In case you’re an extrovert who tends to have “numerous hubbub happening within the family,” Keiger stated you’ll be glad to know that many breeds take pleasure in an energetic dwelling—and should even need to get in on the motion.

Abyssinians, Japanese bobtails, ocicats, and Cornish rex cats like to play and are all nice in high-activity properties. Bengals additionally work properly, as they’re athletic and interested by all the pieces, in response to Keiger.

Two tiny kittens wrapped in a blanket.
Two tiny kittens wrapped in a smooth pink blanket. It is best to get two kittens concurrently they will present companionship for one another and study from one another.
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There are additionally breeds that are perfect for individuals with introverted personalities, who “could also be on the extra quiet and contemplative facet,” with only a few mates visiting their dwelling, in response to Keiger.

Russian blues, Egyptian maus, Persians, exotics and the Devon rex all thrive in such a environment, she stated, whereas the sphynx breed “can be energetic, however then need to snuggle in,” she stated.

A kitten touching a scratching post.
A kitten with their paws round a scratching publish.
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These Someplace In Between

In case your persona sits someplace within the center between an extrovert and introvert, you have got numerous choices when it comes to breeds, in response to Keiger.

For properties with a reasonable stage of exercise, interspersed with busy after which quiet durations, American and British shorthairs work properly, as all of them have laid-back personalities and “not a lot actually bothers them.”

These breeds are additionally nice for properties with youngsters, as are Maine coons, who “love being with their individuals and like to play and get consideration.” Birmans and ragdolls are good for households too, as they’re quiet, light and loving and get together with most individuals and animals, in response to Keiger.

Burmese, European Burmese and Tonkinese are all very “owner-oriented” and are at all times down for playtime earlier than settling in your lap for consideration. The identical could be stated for the Siamese and its associated breeds the Oriental, Balinese and Javanese.

These breeds “actually need to be part of no matter it’s that you just’re doing, like to play and can be proper with you whenever you each settle in for the night,” Keiger stated.

Kitten biting a pen while person writes.
A playful kitten biting the top of a pen whereas an individual writes a observe. Kittens like to play and cats are naturally most energetic at daybreak and nightfall.
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